The Chubster Goes To The Gym

chocIt’s January, and so far I’ve been to the gym three times.

I’ve also cooked at least five healthy chicken dishes.

Don’t faint with shock.

Okay, so I drove to the gym but waited for The Teenager as he exercised for an hour. Luckily, his gym is on a retail park, so it would be rude not to look round the shops.

I’ve bought a pizza and some yoghurts from Marks and Spencer’s, shampoo and conditioner from Boots (which promised to give me luscious, luxurious and nourished hair – they lied, it’s still straw-like), a candle from the Laura Ashley sale and three Starbucks soya lattes (healthy).

Going to the gym is costing me a fortune.

I’m actually rather envious of The Teenager and his absolute dedication to getting fit. I have no idea where he gets it from. The other night I was settling down in front of the telly with a bag of crisps when he bounded downstairs, heading for a bowl of Special K and skimmed milk. He saw me, plucked the crisps from my hand and read out the calorie and fat content in a horrified voice, wagging his finger.

He’s helpfully suggested gentle exercises and talked me through the proper way to do bicep curls (surprisingly similar to the Malteser box-to-mouth action). And all this while I’m trying to cook or finally finish my essay.

He was chatting away the other day, pondering the price of tuna steaks when he asked me what my New Year resolutions were. Hmm. Good question. I hadn’t really thought about it as I normally give up by the second week in January.

Anyway, he pressed me to come up with five things I wanted to do in 2016, so here they are:

  • Begin a proper, grown-up skin care regime with at least five steps.
  • Learn how to wear scarves in a French-like manner. Or Danish.
  • Grow herbs on my kitchen window-sill without killing them.
  • Make my own bread, brownies and chia seed porridge.
  • Take up calligraphy.

The Teenager was distinctly unimpressed …

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10 thoughts on “The Chubster Goes To The Gym

  1. growing herbs is easy with one of those little kits you can get. you put the seeds in, water them, put near light and thats about it.

    cheat with the bread, get a bread maker 😉

  2. Sally says:

    Been trying no 2 all my life ( think being too Scottish and not…French has always held me back). No 3 I try twice a year (every year) still have not succeeded. Have already bought some lovely new pots fr th year’s first attempt. ?

  3. David says:

    Hi I know how you feel.
    I watched BBC2 last night, Trust me I’m a doctor they did a bit on exorcise in the home , which I will have a go at doing.
    I like the malteser bit ? mine is snapping chocolate bars with my fingers, Waitrose do lovely chocolate.
    Keep well, no harm in small quantities of red wine , chocolate and or cake.

  4. MStrooper08 says:

    I read this this morning on my phone and wanted to comment but for whatever reason, mobile wouldn’t let me 🙁
    I wanted to comment on the straw like hair that you mentioned. I had the same problem before. My hair dresser recommended a few things for this problem
    1. Don’t wash your hair every day. Shampooing strips your hair of moisture. She said to shoot for every other or even every third day (I can’t go more than every other without being a grease ball, myself). On days you don’t wash your hair, use dry shampoo, talc/corn starch or if you have dark hair, cocoa powder on the roots to absorb the oils and make it wearable without washing it.
    2. When you do shampoo, only shampoo the roots. The oils don’t go more than half way down the hair shaft (depending on the length of your hair), so shampooing the ends just strips them of what little moisture is there. You’re supposed to lather your roots, rinse, lather again and put conditioner on the ends at the same time. Let it sit while you wash or shave or whatever you do in the shower and rinse it all out at the end (make sure you get all the shampoo out or else your head will itch.
    3. Coconut oil! <- my personal fave BC it is good for so many things 😀 On dry hair, slather ends to about halfway up the shaft with coconut oil. Extra virgin is the best, but any thing will do (even olive oil if you prefer), but don't get the roots. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes (longer is better). Rinse out and shampoo the roots (just the roots!) rinse and repeat. I was told to do this once every other week until my hair got better then go to once a month.
    4. Try not to use to much heat on your hair and use heat protectant when you do. Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. I know in the winter, it's not easy to do.
    These rules really helped my hair and now it's actually silky…especially in the summer time.
    I hope this helped a little. I really liked your blog and wish you well with your goals/resolutions (especially the exercise one…I hate to exercise).
    OH…and I have found that taking a biotin supplement has helped my hair too (making it stronger and grow faster).

    • stumbling in flats says:

      You are an absolute angel for taking the time to comment and I have printed it off! I’m going to try the coconut oil and already have some in the house.
      Funnily enough, a friend was telling me yesterday that her MS friend takes biotin as a supplement. Interesting!
      Thanks again – would be amazing to have luscious locks once more!

  5. Judy Epstein says:

    You’re going! Good for you!

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