The Waiting Game

Like most people with multiple sclerosis, I am now an old hand at waiting around for appointments and yesterday was no exception. The eye saga continues and I was back for my follow-up.

Armed with my mum, a book, a notebook and pen (to jot down my musings, natch) and a bag of raisins, I went to hospital again. We have our routine down to a tee now – shops, coffee, loos. To shake things up a little, mum bought me a fruity, chewy cookie instead of a biscotti.

First, I had a Humphrey Field Test – a bit like sitting in front of a Space Invaders screen, clicking a joystick whenever I saw a little light. I scored nearly 100% and was absurdly pleased. Next, it was over to the other clinic to wait to see the eye doctor.

Being an old hand, I registered the expected crowd of people and expertly (and with some panache) wedged myself into one of the seats and casually took out my book.

Twenty minutes later, I got called through to have drops put in my eyes to dilate my pupils, which blurred my vision so I put my book away and people-watched instead. An old man in loose trousers trumpeted into his tissue then closely examined the contents. An astonishingly well-behaved toddler toddled around his pregnant mother. The receptionist directed endless people to the loos and a couple argued under their breaths.

I used to be such an impatient person, huffing and puffing if I was kept waiting, dramatically tapping my watch and rolling my eyes. Why? It didn’t do me any favours and no amount of loud sighing would bring the appointment round any sooner. I guess MS, in its own way, has made me a much more patient person. I am almost zen-like in waiting rooms now, like a little Buddha.

Eventually, I was called in, pupils fully dilated. Ran through the symptoms, no change. Retina is still a cause for concern so I have a follow up in four weeks time. Same time, same place, same waiting room…

(If you’re new to this blog – the eye saga is here: Eye See and Eye Don’t Believe It)

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6 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Glad your appointment went well and was most amused by the old man trumpeting and examining. (Yes, I am 12.)

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