A Yuletide Pity Party

grinchI worked yesterday, although I’m sure The Boss wished I hadn’t.

I grinched and grumbled the whole day, threw an almighty strop over a designer radiator and sulked in the van while The Boss gamely measured up our new, muddy building site.

When I got home (after flouncing out the van and nearly breaking an ankle in the process), I collapsed on the sofa, before promptly falling asleep.

Nerve pain, usually kept under semi-strict control with medication, had sneaked past it and was having festive fun dancing with clogs on all over my body. Hard to describe and difficult to ignore, my body was inflamed with the darned pain. After I woke up, I lay still, wishing beyond hope that it would go away.

My stomach grumbled but I couldn’t get up. I passed a few hours like this, intermittently bursting into tears whenever a Christmas charity advert came on TV. The Teenager popped down a couple of times to ferret through the fridge and sneak a few mouthfuls of squirty cream (he denies it, but I know the sound).

Eventually I ate two mince pies without squirty cream, cried a little more and gave the cat some Dreamies before I went to bed. I slept a straight ten hours, virtually unheard of as late as I’ve also been plagued by the scariest, most bizarre nightmares. Anyway, I got up, fell on to the sofa and lay there pitying myself a bit more and watched the news about Storm Barbara (Really? Do you know how many jokes I’ve had?).

So I sulked about the storm’s name and the nerve pain cranking up again. I sulked about there being nothing on TV. I sulked when I found out The Teenager had demolished the rest of the mince pies. And then, A Christmas Miracle.

The Boss texted me. He was going to Ikea and would I like to join him? Well, I could just as easily sulk in Ikea as at home – and have more reason to – so I went. Best. Cure. Ever.

It was blissfully quiet, I got to stock up on candles and had a leisurely coffee while watching harassed parents attempt to control their over-excited toddlers. Been there, done that. Nerve pain? Still thrumming away, still painful, but with the company of a good friend and a change of scenery, just about manageable.

This lull allowed me to reflect on how lucky I am to have you guys to offload to, to grumble to and to feel part of a larger group of good mates. I love your comments and your emails and who knows what my fifth year of blogging will bring?

p.s. If I hear, ‘Barbara’s going to be very windy’ one more time, I’ll cry again …

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8 thoughts on “A Yuletide Pity Party

  1. Annie says:

    Hope that pesky nerve pain settles? and that you two have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Look forward to more great blogging in 2017. Annie x

    • stumbling in flats says:

      I’m sure I will! Me and The Teenager have crackers (8 between us!), pizzas and pop.
      And I wish you and your family the same 🙂

  2. Laura Constable says:

    Thank you for this, sorry to hear about the pain, think I’m very lucky as tho I too have the blasted MS, my family and friends help hugely, plus the weather wasn’t too bad so could be pushed round to our Church for their wonderful 9 lessons and carols service last evening, that always gets me into the festive mood???

    • stumbling in flats says:

      That sounds amazing! I’ll be listening to Carols From Kings tonight – perfect way to start the festivities!
      Have a fabulous day 🙂

  3. Moobles says:

    Hope you can enjoy Christmas with your fabulous boy. I look forward to reading lots more of your blog in the new year. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s encouraging, entertaining and informative x

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