24 Little Hours

cocktailsMost mornings I wake up with some kind of energy. And the kitten playing pat-a-cake on my face.

I could use this energy to prepare and cook dinner from scratch with exotic ingredients, meet up with long-neglected friends, catch up on my emails, try out a new must-visit cafe in town, browse around a second-hand book-shop and schlep around Ikea.

All finished off with a cocktail served in a jam-jar in some dark, obscure wine bar.

Sadly, life doesn’t work like that. My ever-so-limited energy is always in the morning, my slump is post-2pm. Just ask the boss. He can set his watch by me as I stumble around, packing away my lunch box and folding my newspaper, yawning conspicuously.

As soon as I wake up, it’s as if a little switch is flipped; time starts ticking away and I race pointlessly against it.

Reverse my ideal day back to reality and I will throw together a quick dinner (fish fingers, spag bol, fish fingers, Dominos), neglect my friends, feel guilty about my emails, never visit that new cafe (probably closed down by the time I even think about going), order books online and dream of a double serving of meatballs in the Ikea cafe. All finished off with a cup of tea and a nice sit down on my sofa.

Over my morning coffee, after feeding and depositing the kitten outside, I scan my to-do lists (plural). Yup, can do that, tick. Ok, can do that, tick. Put some laundry in, pack six pieces of fruit in Teenager’s school bag (lol), take out recycling. I have a Plan for After-Work.

After Work, I get home, feed and deposit the kitten outside, slump, scan to-do lists, laugh ironically and feel a little bit pathetic. I weigh up fish fingers versus spag bol. I change the loo roll and feel mightily proactive. I sit at my kitchen table and hoover in a circle around me, wishing I could move a little further.

So many hours and so little energy to fill them with. I watch the clouds pass by from my sofa-vantage-point. Pretty. I am being Mindful. I pick up and put down a book (it’s more than 200 pages). Flick through a magazine. Too much information. Turn on the telly. Pat the cat. Shout upstairs, telling The Teenager to turn down his music. Wonder what that odd smell is. Burning fish fingers and I haven’t even put the beans on yet.

For now, my days continue to be upside-down. Do you think it would be odd to host a dinner party at 9.30am? (Asking for a friend).

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14 thoughts on “24 Little Hours

  1. Sue Johnson says:

    So many parallels there! I often describe myself to people as a little clockwork car that starts off zooming (not quite) and spluttering to slow followed by full stop when I have to give in and recharge batteries. I guess we just have to treat the little things we achieve as full blown chores which they are to us and be pleased with what we can do….. I’m getting there and you sound as though you manage admirably!

  2. Eve Darwood says:

    Love this. You have it exactly right! X

  3. Eve Darwood says:

    Love this. You have it exactly right! I too start the day with the best intentions and by mid afternoon. … *comment remains incomplete due to emergency napping

  4. Peter says:

    Any time is a good time for a party… breakfast party, dinner party anytime party !!!!

  5. I’m the opposite, no energy during the day but right around 9 pm I am full of it :/ which makes trying to clean and do things around the house a problem trying to be quite :p

  6. Tricia says:

    Could we make it 10.00 am, I will bring bought scones and cream and jam LOL

  7. Angela says:

    I can totally relate to that. All my energy is in the morning. Come 2pm all I want to do is sleep. Instead I slump on the settee staring aimlessly at the TV willing my eyes to stop hurting. Unfortunately this coincides with my dog wanting to go for a ‘pee’ walk so on go the sunglasses and off we trot …well if a snail can be described as trotting lol leaning heavily on my friendly crutch. I’ve tried taking her out while my energy levels are in full swing but come 2pm she still wants to go again and the garden just won’t do !

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Bless! Just when I think about getting a little dog, I think about scenarios like this!
      I seem to be working with a lot of dogs at the moment and I adore them.
      But yes, the energy would be a problem!

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