This Is Not A Joke

a jokeA friend sent me what I thought was one of those online jokes this morning.

Except it wasn’t. It’s real.

I present to you the Department of Work and Pension’s ‘6 Tips for dealing with stress’.

These are the people who will soon determine whether or not I still have MS or if I have been miraculously cured. If cured, I stand to lose what little is left of my disposable income.

So, now that I have a huge form to fill in and am beyond stressed, what do they suggest?

Helpfully, in their introduction, they point out that, ‘too much stress can be unhealthy – around 9.9 million working days are lost each year to stress, depression or anxiety.’ Would that be the same stress, depression and anxiety they themselves are currently putting me through?

Anyway, the first tip is to ‘Address the Causes’, with the unhelpful and rather sinister tip, ‘it’s also important to learn to accept when things are out of your control.‘ Are they actually, seriously having a laugh?

Tips two and three  – Schedule Your Time and Take A Break – basically say the same thing – have lunch outside. It’s that simple. Apparently this can ‘prevent blockages‘ (huh?) and ‘inspire new ideas‘.

Tip four – Stay Healthy (lol) – again, suggests going outside (I think they are slightly obsessed, which is weird as they’re taking thousands of Mobility cars from people, who now cannot go outside).

Tip five – Keep in Touch – build a support network. And laughter is an excellent stress reliever, apparently. So is banging my head against a wall, if only I had the energy.

Tip six – Do Something you Enjoy – basically, do something you enjoy. They suggest reading or gardening.

Well, hopefully after reading these six tips, you all feel a lot less stressed. I know I don’t.

When this government department is snatching lifetime awards for incurable illnesses from people and pushing countless others into poverty, homelessness and worse, it seems callous in the extreme to publish such a flippant post.

Is it me? Am I missing something?

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8 thoughts on “This Is Not A Joke

  1. SOTIRIA DONTI says:

    What a mess! if that’s comforting you, in Greece also ms is not considered incurabe…So, in order to have a (weak) monthly financial support you have to pass a committee every 2-3 years that will certify your disability… Different groups of patients press the government to include ms in the list of serious and incurable illnesses, but it’s still not done… It’s no joke, it’s deadly serious…

    • stumbling in flats says:

      That’s shocking – and it’s also happening here, right now.
      I had a lifetime award for MS. Because I have MS. And now I have to prove I have MS. It’s beyond bizarre.
      MS is incurable!! x

  2. Beth says:

    It’s definitely not you. That’s insanity. Pure and simple. They should be called the Department of Irony. 😥

  3. Barbara Leonard says:

    You would , of course, appreciate the NMSS mailing that advised us to plan our landing if we begin to fall so as to land on a cushioned body part and avoid injury.

  4. Annie says:

    I don’t know what to say… it’s beyond belief.. is PIP replacing DLA by areas? Is Wales currently in the firing line or is it all over uk yet? Not heard of anyone in Northern Ireland yet going through the changeover just yet. Sending positive vibes … you will fight it and fingers crossed if there’s any justice you will get it🙏🙏… v v stressful tho, I really get that xx

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