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downloadMy last post about how hard it is to describe MS to other people struck a chord with lots of you and a huge thanks to everyone who retweeted it and posted it on Facebook.

Well, those lovely peeps at the MS Society have just given their introductory guide to MS a makeover. The guide – What is MS? – is for anyone interested in the condition and can be useful to give to your friends, family and colleagues. (click here to have a look at it)

It’s still going to be hard to describe what MS is like, but this is a great starting point. This compact edition has only seven sections, compared to 14 in the last one:

  • What is MS?
  • What causes MS?
  • What are the symptoms of MS?
  • How is MS diagnosed?
  • Are there different types of MS?
  • Can MS be treated?
  • How can the MS Society help?

Feedback on the previous edition now means that the booklet is A5 rather than A4, has a photographic cover to make it more visually appealing and the amount of text has been reduced. There’s also lots more graphics so the information is easier to read and take in.

This new guide is a lot more upbeat and fresh (even The Teenager gave it a thumbs up). Have a read, download it and hand out to everyone you know. The MS Society is always on the ball with information and leaflets covering every aspect of life with MS. I’ve got a whole bunch of them at home that I picked up at last year’s MS Life in Manchester. So spread the word – knowledge is power.

p.s. MS Life 2014 will be 26th – 27th April. Click HERE for more details.

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  1. Tricia says:

    A very big THANK YOU ,

  2. Very cool – I will look at it when not at work! Thanks for sharing!

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