Teendults – A Survival Guide

The Teenager is home for over three months now Uni has finished for the Summer break.

He sent me an extensive shopping list in advance – ‘lots of protein, fruit, veg, rice, protein bars, frozen fruit, milk, eggs, bit more protein’.

Just to be on the safe side, I added extra loo roll (he’s the Houdini of Andrex), more toothbrushes (he chews them), gallons of shower gel (he swims in the stuff) and some more protein.

If I’d thought about it, I should have sent a list back, something like this:

  • Take your key when you go out.
  • Change the loo roll when it’s empty (handy hint, there’s more next to the loo).
  • Take your key when you go out.
  • Turn the oven off after cooking your usual six salmon steaks.
  • Take your key when you go out.

And that’s pretty much it. The key issue is a biggie; he’s lost more keys than I can count, forgets to take it or just seems surprised to find it in his pocket after hammering on the door at 1am.

On one memorable occasion, I woke up to find his bed empty and my front garden littered with plastic bottles and newspapers. He’d forgotten his key and in his endearing wisdom, decided to chuck the contents of our recycling bag at my bedroom window in the hope of waking me up.

I eventually tracked him down to a friend’s sofa and had a little chat about the aerodynamics and weight of newspapers.

And so it was I took my friend for the journey and we picked up The Teenager plus all his worldly possessions and trekked back home. The cat rolled her eyes and scarpered, used to a more sedate pace of life in his absence.

It’s strange welcoming back an adult, after dropping off a boy at Uni last Autumn. We’re both adults now, yet somehow there’s the maternal temptation to revert to type.

I remind him to take his coat when it’s chilly. He reminds me he’s an adult. I press an apple into his hand before he goes out. He places it back in the fruit bowl. He’s not the only one rolling his eyes. And so it goes back and forth.

I think though, that we’re getting there. I’m getting used to him singing in the shower again; some days Beatles hits, others Oasis. The thumping as he gets dressed (no idea). The evidence of overnight fridge-foraging when I come downstairs in the morning (follow the crumbs to the empty packets).

Some things never change though. One evening last week, I resisted the temptation to ask if he had everything before he went out – key, wallet, fully-charged phone (hah!). I waved him off, feeling quite pleased with myself, and settled down to some serious Danish drama on telly.

A minute later, a knock on the door. The Teenager, looking sheepish.

‘Forgot my key’.

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4 thoughts on “Teendults – A Survival Guide

  1. Annie says:

    Not only could we be twins but so could our offspring 😂😂 … she’s gone strictly pescatarian 🙄 and dairy free🤪so I have my instructions. Berries at top of list! I need that PIP to keep her in berries alone 🙈🙄 given the price of a punnet of 🍓! Anyway good to have them home for a bit.. she has a summer job so I guess that’s something. She’s has another week of exams and that’s her. She blasts music 24/7 unlike her older sister and the house becomes chaotic when she’s back but it’ll be fun ( for a week or 2 anyway🤠) Sill haven’t done that letter as the buggers have not sent me assessors report yet. Would like it before I start. Happy weekend to you and he 😎

    • stumbling in flats says:

      Totally! Mine adores blasting out the music too. I have apologised to the neighbours several times already, including for the shower-singing :-(. Like you guys, it’s chaotic but fun here.
      Good luck with your mandatory reconsideration letter – but keep an eye on your deadline!

  2. Sandy says:

    I’ve got both of my ‘young adults’ heading off to uni this year (the first went away for a year but returned-he’s now studying local but plans to move into halls). Whilst I’m not looking forward to them both going, you’ve reminded me they’ll be back with their old habits soon enough!

    • stumbling in flats says:

      It’s weird how quickly they revert from fully-grown adults to 13 year olds within a few days of being home!
      I woke up this morning to plates all over the kitchen and a raided freezer. Thank goodness I’ve got a shopping delivery today! X

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